Agustus 25, 2011

Nafsu Liar (1996) - Film semi Indonesia jadul

Movie Synopsis
Get out from the jail DARSA (Luis Palbo) remain unchanged. He tortured his wife and his adopted sister in front of her parents who somehow seems unable to do anything about it. Even his adopted younger brother was beaten in the genitals, until adulthood and marriage, discovered that he was impotent. DARSA increasingly insane behavior. He joined narcotics trade and sell his wife into prostitution, until his adoptive sister, Juna (Reynaldi), bring all his family moved. Apparently DARSA disturbance persists. Juna's wife, Sarah (Megi Megawati), about to raped. Juna run out of patience. DARSA beaten and shot to death

Movie Info
Title : Nafsu LIar (Wild passion)
Director : Steady Rimba
Writer : Steady Rimba
Genre : Romantic | Thiriller | Drama
Release : Indonesia, 1996

Movie Cast
Luis Palbo as Darsa
Reynaldi as Juna
Megi Megawati as Istri Juna, Sarah

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