Agustus 26, 2011

Zero Woman R (2007) - Film semi Jepang

Movie Synopsis
Zero Woman R is the japan movie who tells about a mysterious female spy is recruited to infiltrate the Japanese underworld and gather evidence for a clandestine branch of the Tokyo Police Department. Division Zero has been charged with bringing some of Japan's most powerful criminals to justice. The organization is so secretive that few people - even within the police department - know it exists. Rei is the only female member on the force, and she'll do whatever it takes to get her man.

Movie Info
Title........... : Zero Woman R
Director...... : Kenichi Fujiwara
Genre......... : Action | Thriller
Release....... : 2007, Japan
Run Time.....: 74 minutes

Movie Cast
* Atsuko Miura
* Masaki Miura
* Sasa Handa
* Shunsaku Kudo
* Shun Sugata

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